Life Situations

Choosing a New Career Path Prayer

Choosing a new career path isn’t easy when the road doesn’t seem clear.  If you are wondering if you should change careers and wondering how you’ll find the courage and wisdom to do it, this Choosing a New Career Path Prayer can provide focus and guidance.  Here’s a prayer strategy that helped me through my…

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Morning Prayer to God

This morning prayer to God helps you begin your day refreshed by God’s presence and armed with his help for whatever you might face during the day. Morning Prayer to God Father God, a new day is dawning soon. A new day that is filled with promise, adventure, blessings and concerns.  But you have blessed…

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Challenges of Aging Prayer for God’s Help and Vision

There are many challenges of aging and prayer can help us keep our focus, continue to find new visions and gratefully remember God’s goodness to us. This challenges of aging prayer was written by Emmett Diggs a retired minister who is 77 years old and who is dealing with Parkinson’s disease. Challenges of Aging Prayer…

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Having a Bad Day Prayer When Everything Goes Wrong

This “Having a Bad Day Prayer” can help you gain God’s power and perspective on days when everything seems to go wrong. Having a Bad Day Prayer   Dear Heavenly Father; I am having a bad day. It seems as though nothing is going right. I have so much to do and so many people depending…

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Prayer When Someone Is Lying about You

If you are the victim of someone lying about you, use prayer to strengthen, help and defend yourself.  A person who lies or is a constant liar can do a lot of damage to your career, finances, reputation, personal relationships and your emotions.  God operates through justice and truth and the Bible has many promises…

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