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April Fool’s Day Prayer with Bible Verses How Not To Be A Fool

By Karen Barber | March 20, 2018

This April Fool’s Day Prayer uses Bible verses that point out the mistakes that fools make.  Use this prayer to ask for God’s help not be a fool on April 1 on April Fool’s Day or on any day of the year you need God’s help in being wise. April Fool’s Day Prayer with Bible…

Prayer for the International Day of Happiness

By Karen Barber | March 15, 2018

This Prayer for the International Day of Happiness asks God to bless all people of the world with the gifts of freedom, economic wellbeing, equality, sustainable development, just governments and  caring, nurturing personal connections with others. The International Day of Happiness was established by the United Nations in 2013 to emphasis the importance of helping…

Broken Friendship Prayer for God’s Help When a Friend Says Things That Hurt You

By Mary Justice | March 7, 2018

This Broken Friendship Prayer  helps you receive God’s help when friends say things that hurt you. According to relationship experts, hurtful words are a major reason that friendships are broken.   Such words hurt us more deeply because they come from someone we thought we could trust.  We also felt that this person liked us and…

Prayer for God’s Guidance Choosing Healthy Relationships, Friendships, Mentors and Prayer Partners

By Sondra Green | March 5, 2018

As Gods creation, we are made to be in relationships but let’s face it, choosing right relationships in your romantic relationships, friendships, workplace and spiritual life can be difficult.  It seems that some relationships last forever, and others end quickly before they have an opportunity to be grow.  It’s discouraging when relationships don’t work out…

The Zombie Prayer to Stop Just Surviving and Start Really Living Your Faith

By Vivian Hethcoat | March 5, 2018

Has routine made you into a Christian zombie, moving around and going through the motions?  This zombie prayer will help you regain your spiritual life purpose and focus. Zombie Movies I am not a fan of the zombie shows that are popular on television. Don’t get me wrong I love science fiction but I don’t…

Taking a Leap of Faith Prayer: Whether for Rescue or the Need to Move Forward with God’s Plan

By David Shelton | February 26, 2018

This taking a leap of faith prayer will help you take the next sometimes scary step God has for you when you need rescue or when God is asking you to take a bold move in your life. The lesson I learned about taking a leap of faith while climbing on a rock I stood…