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Prayer for the Moment When You Seem to Lose Everything like Job in the Bible

By David Shelton | July 31, 2017

How do you pray when everything in your life seems to be taken away from you in a moment in time? I sat listening as my friend  Karl told me about such a moment in his life that I call the “Job moment”, after the man in the Bible named Job who was severely tested…

Grieving Child Prayer for Adults Helping a Child Grieve the Death of Someone They Love

By Barbara Ingram | July 25, 2017

This grieving child prayer is for adults whose child has experienced the death of someone they love.   Often we’re not sure how to help a grieving child pray because we’re not sure what to do or say.  Here are some helpful guidelines. 1. Expect your child to behave like a much younger child emotionally, socially…

Losing Hope Prayer: Restoring Lost Hope through Personal Prayer

By Karen Barber | July 6, 2017

This Losing Hope Prayer will help you communicate with God to restore hope when you are in a difficult life situation and your hope is failing.  Losing hope prayer is vital because without hope, we can’t survive or thrive.   Hope is defined as the belief that something good can eventually happen or that a situation…

Prayer Painting: How to Meditate and Pray While Doing Art

By Lisa Tomarelli | June 30, 2017

Prayer painting is a way of meditating and praying while doing artwork.   In this article, writer Lisa Tomarelli describes how she prays while participating in a painting class where people of all skill levels follow the step by step instructions of a teacher to create artwork.  Each person is given the same size canvas, the…

Jump Starter Prayers: When You Need Something and You Haven’t Prayed to God Recently

By Karen Barber | June 12, 2017

If you haven’t prayed to God much about other things, is it OK to all of a sudden pray for something you need?  Someone recently asked me this.  He had prayed to God that his new business idea would prosper.  The person who asked me said he hadn’t really prayed much to God for other…

Connecting with God Using Prayer Art Meditation

By Karen Barber | June 12, 2017

Prayer art can be a powerful aid in enhancing your prayer times and helping you connect to God. Here are the ways you can use prayer art to become closer to God. What is prayer art? I define prayer art as anything an artist or designer has created that shows some aspect of prayer.   Prayer…