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Back to School Prayer for Your Grandchildren

This back to school prayer for grandchildren asks for God’ s blessings as they begin a new school year.  This prayer also asks for God’s protection and guidance during the school year. Back to School Prayer for Grandchildren Lord, school is about to begin again and my grandchildren are foremost in my mind. Before I…

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Waiting for Medical Test Results Prayer

Waiting for medical tests and waiting for medical test results is a very scary process, especially when you are waiting for a diagnosis for a problem or when a check-up or routine screening has uncovered something of concern.  This Waiting for Medical Test Results Prayer can help lower your stress level and rely on God…

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Accidental Fall Victim Prayer for Physical and Emotional Recovery

This Accidental Fall Victim Prayer helps you honestly pray to God about the physical and emotional effects after falling.  After an accidental fall, attention is often focused on diagnosing and treating the physical injuries.  Prayer can be a way of honestly exploring your emotional reactions as you seek God’s help in coping with this often…

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