Creating Prayer Places

Finding Your Personal Space at College for Meditation and Prayer

At college it’s hard to find quiet personal space where you can de-stress, meditate and connect with God.  Here are some personal space ideas to help you find your go-to meditation spot on campus. 1.  Ask:  When and where do I need alone time to re-center? College is all about communal living, group activities, teams,…

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Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Christmas Tree

Creating a small Peace of Jerusalem Christmas tree is a good way to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as we recall the events of the birth of Christ that took place in the Holy Land.  I  created a small Christmas tree in my foyer to help me pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Since…

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Creating a Place of Prayer in Your Home

I created a place for prayer and meditation in a small unused space under a stairway in my beach house.  View this video to find tips on how to add small touches to a multi-purpose area of the house that will do extra duty as your spot with God and will enhance your ability to…

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Creating a Prayer Labyrinth by Mowing a Field

This is one of the most amazing prayer labyrinths I have ever walked.  It was created in a field by using a riding lawnmower to wind in toward the center.  The natural plants and wildflowers were allowed to continue to grow tall between the mown areas, making a beautiful walk full of the sights and…

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Soaking Prayer

Soaking prayer is a form of meditation where participants get comfortable and simply soak in the presence of the Lord.  The purpose is not to bring requests but rather to let the love of God love permeate you. How to do this prayer practice: This prayer method was developed by John and Carol Arnott of…

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Creating a Christmas Prayer Focal Point

During the busy Christmas season we all need a prayer focal point to help us rest a moment in the presence of Jesus.  You can easily create one like I did using the materials you have on hand in your home such as lights, greenery and pictures of Christ.  Watch my how-to video and unleash…

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