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Top Five Secrets of How to Pray to God Effectively

Many people wonder how to pray to God when they face life situations beyond their control.  Here are some of the simple secrets of how to pray to God. Secret number one of how to pray to God: Get to know God. The Bible tells us that God is always listening and wants to take…

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Prayer When Someone Is Lying about You

If you are the victim of someone lying about you, use prayer to strengthen, help and defend yourself.  A person who lies or is a constant liar can do a lot of damage to your career, finances, reputation, personal relationships and your emotions.  God operates through justice and truth and the Bible has many promises…

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Poem for Heroes “You Covered Me” by Merissa Lee Kelley

Honor the heroes in your life with this poem created by Merissa Lee Kelley to honor the heroes in Las Vegas in 2017 who shielded others during a  mass shooting.  The poem is entitled “You Covered Me.” Share this poem with all who have been heroes in your life who have covered you physically, emotionally…

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Suicide Prevention and Awareness Prayer

Your prayers may save someone’s life by connecting with God through our Suicide Prevention and Awareness Prayer.  This prayer is vital because suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. and for every completed suicide there are at least 12 suicide attempts. If you are reading this article and feel that someone…

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Losing Hope Prayer: Restoring Lost Hope through Personal Prayer

This Losing Hope Prayer will help you communicate with God to restore hope when you are in a difficult life situation and your hope is failing.  Losing hope prayer is vital because without hope, we can’t survive or thrive.   Hope is defined as the belief that something good can eventually happen or that a situation…

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Connecting with God Using Prayer Art Meditation

Prayer art can be a powerful aid in enhancing your prayer times and helping you connect to God. Here are the ways you can use prayer art to become closer to God. What is prayer art? I define prayer art as anything an artist or designer has created that shows some aspect of prayer.   Prayer…

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