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Connecting with God Using Prayer Art Meditation

Prayer art can be a powerful aid in enhancing your prayer times and helping you connect to God. Here are the ways you can use prayer art to become closer to God. What is prayer art? I define prayer art as anything an artist or designer has created that shows some aspect of prayer.   Prayer…

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How to Do Meditation Using the Bible with Lectio Divina

To do meditation using the Bible you can use a process where you read a passage and then think deeply about a verse or phrase that draws your attention.  This way to do meditation using the Bible is called Lectio Divina. The Christian tradition of meditation using the Bible Meditation using the Bible or Lectio…

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Crying on Palm Sunday? Follow Jesus Down the Mount of Olives

Our Palm Sunday Prayer was written to help you welcome Jesus Christ with thanksgiving and praise as residents of Jerusalem did thousands of years ago.  However Palm Sunday is also connected with tears for people who have not responded to Christ’s love. On a prayer pilgrimage to Jerusalem several years I was first introduced to…

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Would You Like to Try Fasting and Prayer?

Have you ever tried fasting and prayer?  In the past I haven’t really made fasting a regular part of my  prayer life, but when I have, I’ve found that fasting is effective in helping me remember the things that I need God’s help in handling. Skipping breakfast Recently I was fasting because I had a…

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Praying on Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday? Surprising Reasons Why

We don’t often connect prayer with Mardi Gras.  Today it’s celebrated as a fun festival with parades and parties.  But the final day, called Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, has its roots in church history.  It’s the day before Ash Wednesday when Christians traditionally enter a 40 day period of self examination, fasting, prayer and…

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