Using Prayer to Make Positve Personal Changes that Improve Your Life

There is a short prayer in Psalm 139 right out of the Bible that will bring about some dramatic, positive changes in your life. Caution: This prayer will challenge your comfort level! 1.       Read Psalm 139:23-24 I prayed this prayer when my family and marriage were in danger of falling apart. I asked God what…

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A Personal Life Do-Over Prayer

If you need a fresh start on any aspect of your life today here’s a prayer that will help you interact with God so you can partner together for the “do over” your heart longs for today. My Personal Life Do-Over Prayer Dear Father, I thank you God that you allow do-overs because you love…

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Praying the Forgiveness of the Cross

When doubting whether or not you are forgiven, turn your attention to the cross of Jesus. How to do this prayer practice: 1.  Allow yourself to focus your meditation on the price Christ paid on the cross so you could personally be forgiven. A beaten-beyond-recognition Christ hung on the cross. Beard ripped out, crown of…

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Praying for Daily Struggles with Forgiveness

When we have been hurt, we all wonder how to forgive and forget.  In this article we learn what forgiveness is and about forgiveness scriptures in the Bible and how they can help us to forgive.  When we are devastated by the destructive actions of others we need a daily prayer strategy to help us…

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A Biblical Prayer of Confession

Are you having trouble finding the right words to say to confess that you have made mistakes, done the wrong things and need God to forgive you and help you have a fresh start?  his prayer from the Bible verse in Psalm 32:1-7 is a powerful one to use as a personal prayer of confession.…

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