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What Is The Secret of Prayer?

Hey! You made it! Glad you are here. I was wondering when you would drop in. So…have a seat, grab a fresh cup of coffee and a notebook. While I have been waiting, much more thinking and processing has gone through my brain about what to say. So…ahem…here we go. Ready? Ok. A sip of…

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The More I Seek You by Zach Neese

Name “The More I Seek You” Description The song “The More I Seek You” is a song that can be used to focus on God. Praying is a part of worship. The words of a song can often be used as a prayer to initiate worship before the Father in Heaven. This particular song focuses…

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Faithful by Chris Tomlin

Name “Faithful” by Chris Tomlin Prayer Category Meditation Description “Faithful” is one of the words to describe Jesus in Revelation 19:11. It’s also the title to a track from Chris Tomlin’s CD “And If Our God Is For Us…” (2010 sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records). Faithful…not normally a word we use to describe God. More of a word…

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