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Prayer to Ask Jesus into Your Life

As I contemplated the contents of the articles I have written for this site, I realized that I had left out something important. It was as if the Spirit of God said to me, “You’ve shown them how to pray, but what if they don’t know me?” Dear reader, do you know who Jesus is?…

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How to Be Somebody Who Feels Special

Something dawned on me the other day.  It was an epiphany that made me stop hard and ponder from the deep recesses of my mind. “Everyone is trying to be someone.” Most everyone attempts to persuade others of the individual’s importance. What do we all want?  Notoriety. Acclaim. Fame.  Fortune. We want to be someone…

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What Is The Secret of Prayer?

Hey! You made it! Glad you are here. I was wondering when you would drop in. So…have a seat, grab a fresh cup of coffee and a notebook. While I have been waiting, much more thinking and processing has gone through my brain about what to say. So…ahem…here we go. Ready? Ok. A sip of…

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