Spiritual Growth

How To Have a Prayer Breakthrough by Honestly Talking to God

You can experience a prayer breakthrough by holding an honest conversation with God when you are feeling intense emotions.  This can lead to a closer relationship with God where your prayers will become much more than just reciting holy words.  Here are some ideas to help you learn how to honestly talk to God about…

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Prayer about Handling Bad and Good Feelings in Good Ways

Praying honestly about our feelings both good and bad can help avoid the consequences of regretting things said and done that we do when under the influence of highly charged emotions and feelings. Here is a prayer for you written by counselor Rev. Greg Griffin that will give you God’s help with your feelings and…

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Coming to Jesus “Out of the Depths” Prayer

The prayer lyrics from the hymn “Jesus I Come to Thee” can be used in your prayer times when you are praying for needs while struggling with grief, illness, sorrow and feeling lost and far away from God.  This is based on the Bible verse Psalm 130:1 where it says, “Out of the depths I…

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Praying when Touched by Compassion

A strong sense of compassion can lead us to pray for strangers or those we don’t know well.  Author Donna Teti explains what prompted her to write this poem: “It is a poem I wrote after hearing of  the sudden death of a young man in our hometown.  I did not know him personally but grieved…

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