Praying to Experience Conversion and Spiritual Growth

As we grow up, too often we fall into the trap of seeing religion as rituals and not as a personal experience of a living faith centered on a love relationship with Christ.   Here are prayer steps you can take toward experiencing conversion and spiritual growth. How to do this prayer practice 1. Pray that…

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The Hammock of Hope Prayer

This prayer by Holly Grantham helps us express ourselves to God when we have been on difficult life journeys and feel that we are stuck in despair. The Hammock of Hope Lord, The road has been long, the journey difficult.  More often than not, I have found myself dipping my toes…my legs…my body…into pools of…

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Prayer to Accept Jesus

This prayer to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord is also sometimes called The Sinner’s Prayer.  That’s because we begin by confessing our need for Christ to forgive our sins.  This prayer to accept Jesus is used at the time of conversion and personal commitment to follow Christ or at the time of baptism.  This…

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Novena of the Divine Mercy

Easter is an excellent opportunity in your prayers to God to pray for lost souls who are in need of knowing God personally.  Here is a prayer for you that originated with St. Faustina who was directed to pray for lost souls beginning on Good Friday.  “On each day of the novena you will bring…

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