Special Occasion

Arbor Day Prayer

This Arbor Day Prayer can be used for Arbor Day celebrations or as a prayer of dedication for those planting trees.  This Arbor Day Prayer can also be used to meditate on the spiritual symbolism of trees in the Bible. Arbor Day Prayer   Dear Creator of the World, On Arbor Day we give thanks…

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Voters Prayer During Elections

  Having the privilege of voting for our local and national leaders brings with it the responsibility to use our vote wisely.  Praying for God’s guidance for ourselves and for our fellow citizens in electing good leaders makes our governments stronger.  Here is a voter’s election prayer that can be used  for local or national…

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Columbus Day Prayer

This Columbus Day prayer focuses on both the good and bad characteristics of Christopher Columbus by asking God to grant us visionary qualities while guarding our hearts and minds from pride and the exploitation of others. Columbus Day is celebrated on October 12 to commemorate the day in 1492 when the first European mariners discovered…

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Cinco de Mayo Prayer

This Cinco de Mayo Prayer focuses on how God can empower us to triumph when we feel  outnumbered and less powerful than the problems we are facing in life.   In it we claim the power of David when he was able to defeat the giant Goliath. Historical Background Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory…

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Prayer for Our Country

This prayer poem asks God’s help, wisdom and guidance for our nation. Use this prayer for our country on the National Day of Prayer, or as a Memorial Day prayer or a Fourth of July prayer in your personal prayer times or at family gatherings. “Freedom’s Song” Heavenly Father, enthroned above We praise you for…

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Hostess Gracious Hospitality Prayer

    This hostess prayer enables gracious hospitality by asking God to be a part of the whole get-together including the planning, preparation, welcoming of guests, serving and the art of steering the conversations toward pleasant and uplifting topics. This hostess prayer is useful for any occasion when guests are invited into your home to…

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