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Challenges of Aging Prayer for God’s Help and Vision

By Emmett Diggs | February 21, 2018

There are many challenges of aging and prayer can help us keep our focus, continue to find new visions and gratefully remember God’s goodness to us. This challenges of aging prayer was written by Emmett Diggs a retired minister who is 77 years old and who is dealing with Parkinson’s disease. Challenges of Aging Prayer…

Flu Healing Prayer for Those Dealing with the Flu and Other Viruses

By Mary Justice | February 4, 2018

Those dealing with the flu and other viruses can be helped by praying this flu healing prayer for them.  Often dealing with the flu is not a fast process where instant healing happens.  Instead dealing with the flu or other viruses takes time as God’s healing power works through the body’s natural ability to fight…

Take Our Survey So We Can Develop Helpful Personal Prayer Content Articles for Those 18-30

By Karen Barber | January 31, 2018

We need your input and opinions on the types of personal prayer article contents that those in the 18-30 age group most search for online so we can provide useful articles on our website.  If you’re in this age group, you make up 60% of our website users and we’d love to hear…

Deciding the Next Step Prayer When You’re Not Sure What Comes Next

By Letitia Barnes | January 30, 2018

This “Deciding the Next Step Prayer”  can help free you from being anxious about making a decision as to what comes next. Recently the thought came to me that something unexpected is on the horizon in my life. I physically felt a sensation of warming comfort washed over me. At that moment I became aware…

Trusting God Prayer When You’re Asking God Why He Let Things Happen

By Letitia Barnes | January 12, 2018

This “Trusting God Prayer” can help you when you’re feeling angry and frustrated that God allowed things to happen to you or to those you love and you you are asking God why. There have been several situations in my life that the question of, “Why did God let this happen?” came to mind such…

Having a Bad Day Prayer When Everything Goes Wrong

By Letitia Barnes | December 11, 2017

This “Having a Bad Day Prayer” can help you gain God’s power and perspective on days when everything seems to go wrong. Having a Bad Day Prayer   Dear Heavenly Father; I am having a bad day. It seems as though nothing is going right. I have so much to do and so many people depending…