If prayer isn’t something you’ve done or thought about much, here are two simple secrets to prayer: conversation and relationship.  Here are some ideas for you using skills you already have developed with your relationships with other people.

Relationships and talking to each other naturally go together.

When we were younger, we learned how to talk; Some of us learning quicker than others. We learned the good words to repeat and the bad words not to repeat, otherwise, we got in trouble! But we began learning how to communicate in other ways when we started going to school. Some of us learned how to use a computer, and some of us learned a different language than the one we spoke at home.  We learned how to communicate with other people. We learned how communication was important in everything we did.

We share our lives with friends, boy or girl friends, married partners and family members. We share our lives with our work colleagues, and those we went to school with, and the people who cut our hair! (Thank you, Marsha) All of these people have something in common. They have YOU!

You have taken the time to gather around you people you talk to in many levels of relationships. Some people are close to you. Some are just acquaintances, some are people you pass in the hallway, but you try to use your communication skills to interact inyour relationships. So, in some relationships it takes little effort and others, unfortunately, are full of drama! But we make the effort anyway.

So, what’s prayer got to do with it?

Maybe you don’t know much about prayer. Maybe it’s an uncomfortable word for you. Maybe you think only spiritual leaders pray. Maybe you learned to pray when you were young but didn’t continue this practice after you grew up. Maybe prayer to you is saying “Grace” at the supper table. Maybe you heard only prayer when you attended a funeral.

But prayer is an important part of your relationship with God. It is an effortless conversation that connects you to a two-sided relationship. It is as easy as saying to God, “Lord I am here, and I know you are with me”. It doesn’t take a special gift to talk to God. One does not need any special emojis to talk to God. A smart phone isn’t necessary nor is a laptop. We can talk out loud, silently in our head, or write in a prayer journal.

You can have lots of different types of conversations with God

Prayer has everything to do with talking through our hurts, our happy times, our worries, our financial woes, our broken friendships, our love lives, our job stresses; everything that we talk about to our relationships on earth. God is always there to listen to us. He is there to comfort us. He is there to forgive us. We can talk to God in any language we speak, any voice we have, anywhere we are, any time of day, and the way we are the most comfortable.

The more we talk to God, the closer we get to Him and will know what God wants us to do in our life’s journey. Listening is not God’s only gift He gives us; he talks to us, telling us that we are loved, encouraging us to be consistent and keeping focused on our goals.

Our two- sided conversation then turns into a relationship that lasts for eternity. Asking for Gods’ guidance gives Him the opportunity to talk to us. He shows us and teaches us so many life lessons.  He wants us to talk to Him. He wants that relationship with us.

What’s Prayer got to do with it?

The answer:       EVERYTHING

Prayer to help start a conversation with God

Use the following prayer to guide you to talk to God:

Father- God,

It has been a long time since I talked to you. I want to start a new relationship with you. I have many worries in my life, but I know you are there with me through it all.  Guide me each day. Renew my hopes and restore my faith in you. Help my doubts to vanish from my mind. Calm my fears. Thank you for being there for me. Amen

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