Location Name
Arkadi Monastery Crete

Street Address
14 miles SE of Rethymno Crete


Type of Prayer Place

The chapel was built in the 16th Century and stands inside the fortress-like walls of the monastery. Most people visit here for historical reasons because of a tragedy that occurred in 1866 when about 900 villagers fled here for refuge from the attacking Ottomans. After a long siege the monastery fell and those inside lit the stored gunpowder and died rather than be taken as slaves and forced to convert. The tragedy brought world attention to the cause of Cretan independence.

Considering its remote location, this Greek Orthodox church is surprisingly ornate with silver and beautiful icon paintings.

How I used this place of prayer
I took a moment to sit in one of the side chairs in the chapel to pray and meditate. I also learned from our tour guide about the very meaningful Greek Orthodox sign of the cross which symbolizes Christ coming to earth and our prayer that when we returns we will be placed on his right side and not on his left.

Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
2 Euro admission charge; Open May – Sept open 8-8; Oct. – April open 9-6

Contact Information / Sponsoring Organization

Personal Tips
This is a very remote location high in the hills and you will need a rental car or will need to go on a guided tour that provides transportation. The road up can be winding with deep gorges on the sides. There is a small gift shop in the Monastery and also a small museum as well as restroom facilities.

Added by Karen Barber on October 6, 2011