work anniversary prayer

This work anniversary prayer can be used when honoring employees and coworkers for their years of service to the company. 

Work Anniversary Prayer

Dear God our Creator,

We gather today to honor ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________ for their ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________ years of faithful service to our company.   We are thankful for the days, weeks and years they have served in their role to support our business in fulfilling our mission.

We thank you for the experience they bring to us and for the skills they have developed and utilized in their job. 

We acknowledge their loyalty and commitment through the years and the things they have done to ensure our success.

Thank you that this work anniversary has given us a chance to acknowledge their work and our appreciation for their labors. 

We pray your blessings on them and their family as they continue to serve as a valued part of our team.


About this work anniversary prayer

My husband worked for a large corporation for over 40 years and during his career the company honored him by celebrating milestone work anniversaries, such his 10th, 20th etc.  Their company had specific ways of celebrating these events, such as a reception at work or a small special lunch or dinner with coworkers.   The company also offered a catalogue of gifts that those celebrating anniversaries could choose from, such as nice lapel pins or jewelry with the company logo.

Some retail stores include the number of year’s service on employee’s nametags.  If you’re a customer, it only takes a second to recognize the employee and thank them for their service.         

These days online networking sites such as Linkedin help us remember work anniversaries by notifying associates of work anniversaries so others can send their congratulations, prayers and well wishes.    

Work anniversaries are cause for celebration for many reasons.  In the stress and busyness of work, people’s efforts often go unnoticed or and work anniversary celebrations are a chance to stop and recognize workers for a job faithfully done.   Such events boost morale and foster teamwork and make everyone feel that their employers appreciate everything they do.

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