Unchanging One by Stephanie Newton

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Stephanie Newton is an emerging voice in the Christian music arena. Her song “Unchanging One” is found on her “Fairytale Life” CD. It is a lush musical way to enter into God’s presence when we feel that much of life around us is uncertain. Some of the lyrics invite us in by saying, “Unchanging One for a world in need of certainty.” Yet the song doesn’t end with us simply comforted by the fact that God is always the same, even when the world around us is falling part. The lyrics go on to assert, “As I bow at the feet of the Unchanging One, You are changing me.” We ourselves are transformed simply by bringing ourselves into the presence of the God of all Ages.

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Listening to Unchanging One I was deeply touched by the thought of a great and glorious God who is our one sure thing in a world where nothing is guaranteed. Some music makes you want to fall on your knees, and this song is one of them. She has captured a feeling inside of me that I couldn’t express until her song opened up my heart to it.
Added by Karen Barber on July 6, 2011