Prayer for Co-workers Who are Difficult to Get Along With

To maintain a working relationship with co-workers who are hard to get along with, use this prayer for them and for yourself.

Difficult to get along with co-worker’s prayer:

What about the difficult co-worker that everybody struggles to get along with, or at least you do.  If you have lived long enough you already know that relationships in and out of the workplace can be difficult.  As Christians we are called to love all people, like bosses, even those who seem to be difficult to get along with.  Matthew 5:46 says “If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that?  Even corrupt tax collectors do that much.”Shrine of the passion of Christ

Here is a prayer to pray for difficult co-worker relationships:

Heavenly Father, [First, tell God about the difficult relationship.  He wants you to articulate it.  Even if you can quit understand what is going on describe it as you see it]

Example:   I know that you are well aware of the struggles I have with relating to [co-worker name] [He, she] is always so negative and it seems like whenever I give a suggestion or say something there is always a loud and negative response that [he, she] gives that goes against whatever I say.  I can’t seem to understand why there is so much animosity between us and it certainly makes me want to stay as far away from [him, her] as possible.  I feel anxious and stressed out about even going into work knowing that I will have to deal with this situation.

After telling God about the difficult relationship, continue praying this prayer:

My first reaction when relationships are difficult is to just stay away and have no involvement with the individual but I know that you call me to set an example for Christ and to love all who I encounter.  I am asking for your help today and asking you to show me how to understand [name] so that we can have a healthy work relationship that who knows may turn into a friendship because you work in mysterious ways.

I pray for [name] today that you will show touch in a special way.  I pray that you will bless [name] and that [he, she] would have an encounter with you today that will cause [him, her] to be transformed.  I pray that you would heal the inner hurts and pains experienced in [his, her] life that are having an effect on their means to relate and communicate with me and with others.  I pray that you would give [him, her] a heart of flesh in replace for what seems to be a heart of stone.

I pray that through me and others in [his, her] life that you would let your love be known to [him, her].  This seems like such a difficult tasks when I look at it through my eyes but I know that it is not too difficult for you.  I know that your works are perfect to perform in us what you desire to accomplish in and through us and I believe that you are working on [him, her] and that you have a purpose and a plan for their life.

Your word is clear according to John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whosoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life”.   I pray that if [him, her] do not know you that they would find salvation through Jesus Christ and that through my life that the light of Christ would shine for [him, her] to see that there is something different about me.

I pray for whatever may be going on beneath the surface with [him, her] that would cause them to hurt or act out the way that [he, she] does.  I pray for peace in the home, I pray for relationships in the home, I pray for financial situations, I pray for healing for any health issues or anything that may be going on that [he, she] feels alone with or that it is too much to bear.  I pray that [he, she] will find healing, deliverance, and wholeness that only comes through a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father God, I know that when I pray that you hear me and that you will move in this situation.  No matter how long it may take for change to be noticeable, I pray that you would change me also in the process so that I do not feel overwhelmed or stressed or anxious around this person but that I will give it all over to you and allow you to work through me to love [him, her] and to show kindness, and compassion to [him, her] and this come through humbling myself under your mighty righteous hand.  For, I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength”.

In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.

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