Have you every wondered how to pray with joy even when you’re in stressful circumstances where you say to God, “You’ve got to be kidding me!  I’m supposed to be joyful in this?” Here is a poem prayer for you from gifter writer Merissa Lee Kelley that’s based on the Bible verse in James.

James 1 : 2-3 “Count it all joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of
many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops

I have read this verse many times and to be truthful…I have struggled
more times than I care to admit when trying to apply it to some of the
circumstances in my life. I have actually said in my “one on one” prayer time with
God…”You have GOT to be kidding me! I’m supposed to be joyful in THIS?!”
Our flesh prefers to be comfortable…trials, tests and adversity are
anything but!

Sometimes the only prayer I can say is “HELP!” I’m so caught off guard…so
overwhelmed, I can’t even begin to formulate a coherent prayer. But that
one simple word goes straight to the throne. God hears us. If all you can
manage to whisper is “Help!”…look at it like this:
Help me…this is an Emergency…Lord…you Promised to never leave me or
forsake me!” (Read Isaiah 43:2-4)

Prayer moves the hand of God. When you pray, remember this: Be
Persistent…Release your faith…realize He is Able to do exceedingly,
abundantly above all we can ask or think…and get Yourself out of the
way, so God can do what He needs to do. And of course…REJOICE!!

“Count It All Joy”

To “count it all joy” in some circumstances is difficult to say the least
To be content no matter your state, whether it’s famine or it’s feast
To pray for endurance instead of deliverance is not an easy prayer
A rescue team would fit the bill…so we send up another flare

It’s natural to want a comfort zone that never shrinks in size
Where everything is warm and fuzzy…with cloudless, sunny skies
If given the choice, who would choose to walk into a trial?
To get all cozy…pull up a chair….and decide to stay a little while

There’s no such place as “Club Adversity” with a “members only” sign
For the rain can fall on anybody at any given time
To rejoice and keep on praising, even when we’re soaking wet
Is something we should focus on…but so often we forget

Speaking the problem constantly is like quicksand to your soul
So consumed you cannot see that God’s still in control
It’s like your mind is on a stage, rehearsing for a play
Memorizing all the speeches that you would like to say

Continuing in this negative state will only bring despair
Griping and grumbling incessantly how life just isn’t fair
No, it’s not. That’s a fact and why we need to learn
That God is faithful, fair and just…through all life’s twists and turns

Our own understanding is often flawed, when we lean on it, we will find
That too many times our wrong perceptions have placed us in a bind
God has provided a timeless treasure to guide us through each day
His holy word has truth and freedom to help us find our way

When the weight of the world is pressing in, press back with praise and
The Light of the World will shine so bright…you won’t need that flare!
Don’t count the problems, count the steps that God has walked with you
He’ll give you joy and that’s your strength…to see this journey through

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4

Copyright Merissa Lee Kelley 2008.  All rights reserved.