Prayer Project Blueprint Logo What is a Prayer Sharing Sheet?

A Prayer Sharing Sheet is a piece of paper onto which a group member writes a personal prayer request.  On the lower half of the sheet another group member writes a prayer of help and blessing for that person.

Here is an example of the two sections of the sheet:

Part 1: Prayer Sharing Sheet

Name of Person # 1:

Something that’s going on my life for which I need prayer or guidance or encouragement or God’s help:

 Part 2:Prayer Sharing Sheet

Name of person # 2 (optional) who is responding in prayer as the Holy Spirit leads for this person and their need:

Written prayer for Person # 1:

 Why do a Prayer Sharing Sheet?

  1. It is a way to request and receive prayer for everyone’s needs in the group in a short amount of time.
  2. It helps members think through what they need by writing down a request
  3. Writing out a prayer for someone’s specific need enables members who are not comfortable praying out loud to be able to express themselves to others in prayer.
  4. It gives members a written prayer to take home that they can re-read later.

 Where can you do a Prayer Sharing Sheet?

Any church or group meeting where prayer requests are shared.

Who can start and/or participate in a Prayer Sharing Sheet? 

Any group leader can do this prayer method and anyone can participate.

When is a Prayer Sharing Sheet used?

It can be used any time a group that is meeting together decides they want to try a new method of praying for each other.

How do you do a Prayer Sharing Sheet?

  1. The leader prints out enough Prayer Sharing Sheets for each group member to have one.
  2. The leader provides the sheet and pen/pencil to each group member and instructs them to write down a personal prayer request that they would like someone in the group to pray about.
  3. The group member puts their name on the sheet and writes their request.
  4. After giving group members enough time to write their requests (5 minutes suggested) the leader collects the requests and then passes them out randomly to the group.
  5. Each member of the group reads the request on the sheet and then writes a prayer of help and blessings for the person’s request.
  6. It is optional for the person writing the prayer to share their name with the prayer.
  7. The group leader collects the completed written prayers and returns them to the person who wrote the original request, giving them time to read them.
  8. After group members have read the written prayers, the leader may elect to ask members to about how God spoke to them during the prayer experience.

 Tips / Notes: 

This idea may be adapted for online prayer groups.

The worksheet may be sent as an attachment to an email from the leader.  Once the leader receives the attachments back, they are forwarded to individuals in the group.  Once a prayer has  been written, it is emailed back to the original person requesting prayer.

 Background Scriptures:

The early church often sent letters that contained written prayers of help and blessing to the senders.  Examples:  St. Paul’s prayers in the Bible: Romans 1:8-10; Ephesians 3:16-21; Philippians 1:9-11.

Those who may be interested in this Prayer Blueprint: 

Prayer group leaders, pastors, Sunday school teachers, ministry leaders, workplace prayer groups, prayer partners.

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