What  is “Prayer Walking through a Bookstore”?

Prayer Walking through a bookstore is “walking on site with insight” in a bookstore. As you walk through a bookstore with open eyes, both physically and spiritually, God will give you a glimpse into His invisible eternal world and discernment in praying for His Kingdom purposes.

Why should you prayer walk through a bookstore?

  • People come to a bookstore to get information, entertainment, or answers to their questions. We should never underestimate the power of the written word! We can pray that God directs people to resources that contain His answers to their questions as well as directing them away from wrong or evil information.
  • It is waging spiritual warfare. It can aide in breaking the power of evil over a place or a person’s life.
  • You begin to see others as God sees them.
  • It’s an adventure with God.

Where can you prayer walk through a bookstore?

Any place that has a bookstore:  shopping centers, college campuses, or at the airport.

Who can prayer walk through a bookstore?

Everyone: all ages, all levels of spiritual maturity, and all levels of prayer experience.

When can you prayer walk through a bookstore?

Prayer walking through a bookstore can be done any time the location is accessible. This practice can be done anytime you find yourself in a bookstore.

How do you prayer walk through a bookstore?

(1)  Begin in a section of the bookstore that is located in one corner or along one side of the store.

(2)  Walk slowly through each section while praying for those who will come to browse in that section. Pray for each person to have God’s biblical perspective for that subject. For instance, in the Passion and Romance section, you can pray that those who come seeking stores of love would receive the love of God through Jesus Christ and come to know that God is the One Who is passionate about them and is pursing them. We can pray that they find fulfillment in His Love.

(3)  When you see individuals browsing the shelves of a particular section that you are walking through, pray specifically for that individual. For instance, if you see someone browsing through the Philosophy section, pray that God would open his or her eyes to see the holes in all the false philosophical arguments and to see the Truth of the One Almighty God, Creator of the universe.

(4) Walk through the different subject sections of the book store as you pray, moving from one side of the store to the other.

Tips / Notes: 

  • Focus on intercession praying. Do not intentionally seek out people to talk to while you are praying, but if God divinely orchestrates an encounter, then be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance
  • When you approach sections that reflect deep darkness, like the New Age and Spirituality section, your heart may become heavy. Pray that those who come seeking answers from such books would see the emptiness of these pursuits and that God, Who is Light, would penetrate the darkness that they are embracing.
  • Focus on praying Scripture. Write down scriptures to pray in the various sections of the store before you go.

Background Scriptures:

Abraham:  Genesis 13:14-18

Joshua:  Joshua 6

Jesus:  Luke 10:12

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