Prayer Project Blueprint Logo Doing a prayer walk is a way to actively pray while walking in a location that has significance for the subject of your prayers, such as praying in a neighborhood.

What is Prayerwalking?

Prayer walking is, simply, walking while praying. Hawthorne and Kendrick define it as, “praying on-site with insight.” You walk with Jesus with open eyes, both physically and spiritually. It is a practical way to pray. When we prayer walk in the presence of the Holy Spirit, God begins to speak to our hearts through what we see with our physical eyes, but then He also gives us a glimpse into His invisible eternal world through our spiritual eyes.

Why should you Prayerwalk?

  • Prayer Walking prepares the way for God’s Spirit to move. It can also aide in breaking the power of evil over a place.
  • You see firsthand what is going on in the area.
  • It’s an adventure with God.
  • Your ears are more sensitive to promptings of the Holy Spirit in the area.
  • It is a practical way to practice focused praying for your home, your family, your neighbors, your neighborhood, your city, or your mission field.
  • It helps you to focus on God’s Kingdom purposes and His glory, not “self”.

Where do you Prayerwalk?

You can prayerwalk any place where you want the presence of God to be fully realized or any place where you believe God wants to further His Kingdom. For example, your home, your local neighborhood, your church, neighborhoods near your church, sites of tragedy, sites of spiritual strongholds, your workplace, your college campus, where you desire to plant a church, a place where you will be ministering/teaching/preaching, or mission fields around the world  that are unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ

Who do you Prayerwalk with?

You can prayerwalk by yourself or with a group.

When do you Prayerwalk?

  • Anytime the location is accessible (and safe). For example, in the church before a worship service, in your home a few minutes in the morning or before bedtime, or 1 to 2 hours in a neighborhood or city.
  • You can prayerwalk one time or according to a set pattern.

How do you Prayerwalk?

  • You pray while walking through your chosen area. This can be done either silently or aloud  (conversationally if with a group).
  • You can pray a Scripture-based theme. For example, you can take biblical prayers and recite them or take a photocopy of a Scripture passage with you as you walk.
  • As you walk and focus on God’s presence, the Holy Spirit may bring something in particular to pray for a person, a home, or a specific area. Follow His leading.

Tips / Notes: 

  • Journal your adventures. Where did you go? What did you and/or your team experience? How did you see God working? Did you experience any answers to prayer? Describe the people you encountered.  How did the Holy Spirit specifically impress you to pray?
  • Praying while walking may seem awkward when you set out the first time, but as you continue to walk and commune with God, this practice will become more and more natural as you press on.

 Background Scriptures:

Jesus (Luke 10:1-2)

Joshua (Joshua 6)

Abraham (Genesis 13:14-18)

Those who may be interested in this Prayer Blueprint: 

prayer group leaders, missionaries, pastors, church planters, ministry leaders, parents

Gateways to Prayer involved:  Intercession Gateway.

To  Find Out More:

This book focuses on prayerwalking in neighborhoods and cities. An appendix entitled “A Short Course on Prayerwalking” can be copied and distributed.

  • Follow Me by Randy Sprinkle

This is a six-week Bible study that will guide any willing believer into the why’s and how’s of prayerwalking. It includes practical exercises.

Follow me

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