Location Name
Northside Hospital Chapel

Street Address
1000 Johnson Ferry Rd. NW Atlanta, GA 30342


Type of Prayer Place

The Northside Hospital Chapel has comfortable chairs, soft lamp lighting, and the soothing sound of a wall fountain. The most prominent feature of the chapel is an abstract style stained glass window that is lit from behind making it visible day and night. Although this is an interfaith chapel, the artist of the window has included a variety of symbols of faith including many that Christians can recognize and meditate upon as shown in the detail above, such as the descending dove and stylized crosses. One very helpful feature of the chapel was the notebook shown in the foreground on the center table. It contains written prayers to use for those with ill loved ones along with information on how to contact the hospital chaplain. In addition, there is a prayer journal in which anyone may write their prayers.

One of the practical aspects of the chapel is that it is located in the main lobby right in the hallway where you go to the main elevator. This high visibility adds to the accessibility and also is a comfort whenever you pass by on your way to visit patients and loved ones.

capture-atlanta-hospital-3How I used this place of prayer
My son was hospitalized over Thanksgiving and I was coming and going and unable to pray effectively. The first time I entered the chapel there were two other people there and the lights were turned very low. One person had a coat over their head as if they might be sleeping. The low lighting was helpful in that it made you feel less conspicuous coming in and out and also felt more private since the chairs were arranged in a circle. The second time I entered the chapel it was empty and the lamps were high enough for me to read the journal and the notebook with prayers in it. When my son was in the hospital it was very meaningful to me to read what others had written because it helped me felt connected to other praying people of faith who had visited the chapel.

Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
24 hours a day, every day of the year. However the chapel also functions as a place of worship, notably on Sundays. See the schedule outside of the chapel door for details.

Contact Information / Sponsoring Organization
Northside Hospital 404-851-8000

Personal Tips
The chapel is located in the main lobby entrance on the left hand side just beyond the information/check-in desk in the main hallway toward the elevators.

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