Name: I Lost My Husband, Not My Mind by Kathy Sheppard

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Published by Sandland Press

This is Kathy’s personal and extremely emotionally honest story of how she survived the shock and grief of the sudden death of her husband John after 35 years of marriage. Kathy speaks with riveting details that put us right there in her closet beside her, sitting among John’s clothes trying to bring back the feeling that life is still safe, good and that God is still in control. Those who have been through grief will recognize the times you’re ready to shout at God. And the times you shout at anyone who tells you that “Everything is going to be all right.” When her son tries to console Kathy with these words she bursts out, “I never want you to ever sat that to me again. It will never be all right. It may be okay one day, but it will never, never be all right.”
Although this is not officially a book on prayer, it a very powerful example of how to honestly lay out our grief to God. The book comes to a very powerful climax when Kathy is able to finally give her loss and grief symbolically to God in a very unique way in an unusual setting. Without giving away the amazing scene, simply be prepared to not only experience this providential time and place with Kathy but also to become empowered to believe that you too can experience your own time and place of deep communication and interaction with God that will finally free you from the bonds of hopelessness.


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Review: I was totally impressed with Kathy’s ability to make us feel present with her every moment as she tried to find out how to live when everything inside of her felt dead. Although I have never been through the shock of such a sudden loss, I still was right there with her, looking for the light of faith in a world that doesn’t make sense any more. This is a very moving book and it shows God’s power to heal even emotional blows that seem fatal.

Added by Karen Barber on July 8, 2011