This engagement prayer can be used at an engagement party to ask God’s blessing on the couple or can be used in your own private prayers for the future of an engaged couple.

Engagement Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you with joy and thanksgiving as we celebrate the engagement of this couple and the commitment they have made to each other to be joined together in marriage.   We thank you for all of the time they have shared together and for the many joys and challenges that have given them the opportunity to know each other more deeply.  Thank you for the love that has grown between them.  Help their love to continue to grow daily as it encompasses all of the many wonderful aspects of love including compassion, a sense of belonging to each other, friendship and unconditional love.

As they plan their wedding and begin charting the direction of their new life together give them the ability to communicate well and to laugh often.  Give them the grace to value each others’ opinions, hopes, gifts, faith and dreams.  Be with them in their times of disagreement that they might learn how to find common ground, how to give up personal control, how to talk over differences and how to express emotions in healthy ways.   Help them to learn how to trust each other.  Teach them how to deal with money issues, job demands, family obligations and personality differences.  And grant them the time they need together as a couple to stay focused on their relationship during the course of wedding plans and busyness of modern life.

Most of all, enable them to form a strong spiritual bond based on your eternal love that will last for a lifetime and beyond into eternity. May you bless them with your loving presence now and always.  Amen.

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