This coronavirus prayer for essential workers covers in prayer those who continue to go to work to keep us supplied and protected during the coronavirus.

Our essential workers work in many different sectors that require them to be on the job despite being exposed to possible infection.  Besides healthcare workers, they work in diverse fields such as first responders, truckers, grocers and sanitation workers. 

Pray for our essential workers and pass it this prayer on so others might pray for them, too. 

Coronavirus Prayer for Essential Workers for Protection and Health

Dear Heavenly Father,

 We come to you today asking your protection and health for our essential workers.  Without them we couldn’t function, yet so often we take their faithful service for granted.  Forgive us for the times when their work has gone unnoticed by us.  Help us to be more aware of who they are and everything they do.     

Thank you, God, for our essential workers.  They are being called on to go to work every day no matter what.  They’re always there when natural disasters strike.  They feed us, open their businesses to us, supply us with clean water and keep us safe. 

Now, Oh God, our essential workers are being called on to show up for work even though they could possibly be exposing themselves to the coronavirus.  Some may even be risking their lives if they get sick.

We fervently pray your protection over our essential workers.  Make their workplaces and working conditions as safe as possible.  Provide them with the ways and means to prevent exposure to the coronavirus.  Give their coworkers the good sense to stay home if they feel they might be getting sick.      

We pray that they will have reasonable work hours and that they won’t be overburdened by huge workloads.  Grant them the time they need to rest, get a good night’s sleep, eat well and relax from stress.  We pray that you will boost their immune systems and restore their energy so they might be mentally alert and productive.   Reward them with decent pay and with supervisors who appreciate them and value their efforts.      

We pray your mercy and healing help on any of these dedicated workers who have fallen ill.  Comfort them, care for them and restore them to full health.

We pray for the families of our essential workers that you might be with them in their times of worry and stress.  Keep their families safe.  Provide for all their needs.

Finally, Oh God, help us express our thankfulness to our amazing workers.  Thank you for their skills, their courage and their good work.  May we always support them and pray for their wellbeing and prosperity.  Bless them today and always. 


About this coronavirus prayer for essential workers

I wrote this prayer after a woman commented on Facebook after she read our Coronavirus prayer for healthcare workers.  She said she was praying for our healthcare workers and then asked for prayer for several of her family members who worked in other industries who were continuing to go out to work because their services were deemed vital.    

I began to think about the term “essential workers” that I had been hearing on the news.  In areas where everyone else had been asked to stay home for their own protection, exceptions were being made for workers whose work was considered an essential service. 

Online I found a list of essential workers as outlined by a governor of a hard hit state.  I was absolutely stunned by the number of people who work essential jobs that go far beyond the field of healthcare.  I’d never thought about forest industry workers being so essential because of the large amounts of  disposable paper products were being used in hospitals protective equipment. 

Here’s just a partial list of those described as essential workers: first responders, law enforcement, utility workers, garbage companies, clerks in grocery stores and drug store, mass transit, construction workers, laundry workers,  truck drivers, farm workers, manufacturers, news reporters, engineers, data centers, dispatchers, defense workers, armed forces, hotel workers.  The list goes on and on!

Many of our essential workers aren’t paid high salaries and their work is usually onsite and hands-on and can’t be done remotely from home.  They have bills to pay and families to care for while trying to stay well and stay on the job. 

Prayer is important because everyone has a family member, friend or neighbor who is an essential worker.   

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