This lost pet or lost dog prayer for children can help comfort a child when a pet is missing.  As parents we are often touched at a child’s unwavering faith that a lost pet will be found and at the same time we’re afraid they might end up disappointed when they pray that a pet be found and their prayer isn’t answered the way they had hoped.  This prayer allows a child to pray with confidence for the finding of their lost pet while at the same time putting into God’s hand the possibility that their pet may not be found.

Children’s Lost Pet Prayer

Dear Jesus,

Please take care of my lost pet.

Help them to be found.

I really miss my pet, but I’m glad that you can take care of them while they’re gone.

Thank you for the ways our family is letting neighbors know how to tell us if they find our pet.

And if my pet has gone so far away that we can’t find them, I pray that my pet will find a nice new family who will love them as much as we do.


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