There are times when you need the prayers of others.  While Prayer Ideas has articles to help you learn how to personally connect with God in prayer there are times when you would like to post a prayer request.  We’d like to recommend the following prayer websites that are our top five favorites for making online prayer requests and praying with others.     Please take a look at our top 5 prayer request websites:


24-7prayer:  This is a great website to submit a prayer. They also have prayer rooms for people to pray all around the nation and you can find a place to pray with our places to pray list. 24-7 Prayer is a International, Interdenominational movement of prayer. They are a hub of resources that inspire prayer individually and in the community. Search our prayers and use them to submit your personal prayers at 24-7 prayer.

The Living Prayer Center:  This is a great place to put a prayer request. You’ll get responses to your prayer from around the world. They also have resources on how to pray utilizing many different methods. They also have about 20 articles on prayer that deserve a good read if you like reading articles on prayer, which you do, because you’re here.

CBN:  They have a 24 hour online prayer request line for all your prayer request needs, something we do not have at These prayer requests go through their twitter feed which is pretty cool. It’s a very innovative website for spreading Christian prayer. They have daily devotionals that you can receive by email to get your day going just in case you didn’t see our facebook post of the day. They also have prayer on many different topics.

Prayer Chain Online:  This is a great place if you want to be part of a prayer chain online. You can submit your own prayers like many other websites but there aren’t as many resources for prayers. You do have to have a membership on this site to submit your prayer but it is welcome to all Christian denominations.

Guideposts: This prayer fellowship is sponsored by Guideposts Magazine and started over 50 years ago matching people who needed prayer with those who requested prayer.   You can submit a prayer request and request a personal response from an intercessor to your request or have your requested posted online.  You can also become a volunteer intercessor, be part of a real time prayer call every Monday, download the free OurPrayerApp, participate in monthly days of prayer and read testimonials of answered prayer or write your own testimony.