Has routine made you into a Christian zombie, moving around and going through the motions?  This zombie prayer will help you regain your spiritual life purpose and focus.

Zombie Movies

I am not a fan of the zombie shows that are popular on television. Don’t get me wrong I love science fiction but I don’t like a lot of horror. I googled the popular television show “The Walking Dead” because I saw a statistic that said that the show was popular for those people between the ages of 18-30. So I looked up the definition for a zombie and realized that we can become walking Zombie corpses. According to an Google definition, a zombie is a person or reanimated corpse that has been turned into a creature capable of movement but not of rational thought, which feeds on human flesh.

Christian Zombies

So I wondered to myself, Are we living beings or Christian Zombies?

Can we fall into the routine of just surviving but not living?

Routine can make us all Christian zombies; moving around, no rational thoughts and allowing our focus to be eaten away. Look at your church attendance, your bible study, your prayer time, your worship time, your quiet time, your mission work, etc.  And ask yourself, “Have I missed the point of corporate worship and become a Christian zombie with no individual purpose?”

Is my Christian witness so caught up in routine that I have forgotten to acknowledge the one that deserves my worship and praise?.

Have I let my individual relationship to God become routine?

If there is no individual worship, there can be no corporate worship. Why? Because each of us has an individual relationship with God that helps us relate to Him and love Him. Until we can make this relationship right, we can’t worship as one with others.

We were not meant to shuffle our feet through life allowing routine to reanimate us. But God’s love and the relationship we have with Him can reanimate us in a way that moves us and gives us our hearts and minds back.

Don’t let fear hold you back

On the Walking Dead television show, Fear is a huge part of the story. Everyone is afraid of the zombies.  I have noticed that we fall into routines because of fear. We no longer look and achieve success because of fear. We linger in survival mode because we are afraid of change.  I believe that we should give ourselves permission to do more than struggle, more than just survive. I believe that we should ask God to reanimate our Christian Zombie corpse, and to give life back to our individual relationship with Him.

The Zombie Prayer

Forgive me for just struggling when it’s all about me and nothing about you.

Forgive me for just surviving, ignoring all the options you bring my way to be a successful person.

Forgive me for walking around like an undead person, shuffling my feet thru life.

Help me to be reanimated by your love. Help me to be open to your truth. Help me to pick myself up when I fall down. Help me to believe in Jesus, the one who was crucified, died, and was buried. And on the third day he rose again and ascended into heaven.

Thank you for restoring each day so that I can live for you. Thank you for showing me that my life has meaning and hope.


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