Location Name
Reservoir, Montreat, NC

Street Address
Graybeard Trail, Montreat Retreat Center


Type of Prayer Place

The Reservoir at Montreat Conference Center (Presbyterian Church USA) is situated amongst a cathedral of tall trees on the mountainside away from other activities on the edge of the 2,500 permanently protected acres of wilderness. There is a pine needle covered trail that rings the small reservoir which makes it ideal for walking meditatively and there are benches on which to sit in contemplation. The reservoir is like a mirror and the peace of the mountainside makes this an incredible natural oasis where you’ll want to linger.

How I used this place of prayer
We visited on a December day and the sunlight was finding it’s way through the bare trees down to the little pool of clear mountain water, creating a picture perfect reflection of the surroundings in the water. We sat on one of the benches on the edge of the reservoir, marveling together at the beauty of God’s creation.

Hours of Operation & Admission Requirements
Daylight hours; no admission

capture-montreat-reservoir-3Contact Information / Sponsoring Organization
Montreat Conference Center 800-572-2257 or www.montreat.org “Founded upon the ideal of renewal, both spiritual and physical, Montreat is a treasured sanctuary for rest, inspiration, education, and fellowship.” http://www.montreat.org/

Personal Tips
Wear good walking shoes as there is a fairly steep climb up to the small reservoir. Also, dress appropriately for the weather. Parking is extremely limited, however I strongly recommend driving to the site as it is not within comfortable walking distance of the heart of the Conference Center and ascends a mountainside.

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