This Bully Victim Prayer is essential because dealing with bullies is a lifelong struggle.  Our hearts break when our children and teens become the victims of verbal, social or physical attacks.  Even as adults, we may become victims in our work place, community or family.  Here is a prayer to help us gain God’s help, strength and direction through the many difficulties and emotions associated with this terrible life situation when you or someone you love is a bully victim.

Bully Victim Prayer 

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to you with hearts saddened by the persecution and unfair treatment experienced by _______________ at the hands of those who are acting like bullies.  My heart is breaking for my loved one because they have become victims of others who are heartless and cruel.

Please guide my loved one on how to handle the situation that I now describe to You __________________________

I pray that my loved one will overcome this obstacle and will be happy, respected and accepted for who they are.  May they be surrounded by nurturing people, may they receive your guidance and presence.  Here are the special graces I pray for my loved one today ______________________________.

I pray for myself.  Help me deal with the emotions I’m feeling about this situation.  Here is how I’m feeling ___________________________________________________.  Help know what to do to help my loved one.  I want to let them know of my love and encouragement.  Please tell me one thing I can do to help them today.  Here is what you seem to be bringing to my mind ______________________________________________.

I pray for the following issues that my loved one is facing.



Physical attacks_____________________

Scare tactics_______________________

Feelings of self worth_________________

Feelings of Fear_______________________


I pray the strength and blessings of the Scriptures as found in the book of Nehemiah over my loved one now.

I pay that all words of derision and discouragement will not prosper.  May those who utter these insults be the ones who themselves suffer the effects of their own wrong doing.  (Nehemiah 4:3,4)

I pray that all plots and threats will be discovered beforehand so preparations and defense can be put into place.  May much prayer go up to You.   May those in authority and those in the community willingly take their places as guards to protect and defend my loved one.  (Nehemiah 4:8,9)

May good people gather and continue to stand their ground against this bullying.  May my loved one stand strong knowing that the Lord and His good people are on their side.  (Nehemiah 4:14)

As those who are bullying continue to tell my loved one that they are weak and powerless, I pray Nehemiah 6:9 for them “Now strengthen their hands.”  Give them the determination to go on with their work and their life in the power You provide.

I pray the triumphant ending power of Nehemiah when the work of rebuilding the walls was completed despite those who opposed it.  “When all our enemies heard about this, all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self-confidence, because they realized that this work had been done with the help of our God.” (Nehemiah 6:16)

Finally, I pray that You will somehow make it possible for me to pray for the bullies.  I pray that their power to harm others will be limited and removed so that others will not become their victims.   I pray for their souls and spirits that have fallen to this level of hate, bitterness, anger and self centeredness.  I pray that you will soften their hard hearts.  Please show me how to pray for them now______________

And finally, I thank you dear Jesus that throughout your ministry and during your trial and execution You know how we feel because You experienced opposition, persecution, physical attacks and verbal insults.  Thank You that You understand and that You care.  But most of all, thank You that You continued on with Your mission because of God’s great power so that we all might do the same.

My your guarding and protecting angels surround my loved one today.

We pray in the strong and compassionate name, of Jesus Christ.   Amen.

About bullying

If you believe a child or teen is being bullied, seek immediate help.  Contact teachers, school counselors, youth leaders, other parents, community resources, psychologists etc.

This prayer against bullying is not meant to a stand-alone remedy for bullying but is instead one of many tools available to victims of bullying and their families.  This prayer  offers the important elements of God’s strength, guidance, healing power and love as we dealing with bullies.

Bullying is defined as intentionally behaving in ways that cause someone discomfort or harm.  It can include physical actions, such as tripping or hitting or verbal abuse such as teasing, name calling, threatening or spreading rumors about someone.  It can also take the form of making it a point to exclude someone from a gathering, group or activity. It can happen in person or it can happen online in the form of cyberbullying.

In many cases, the person being bullied is targeted because they are different in some way, such as appearance, handicap, ethnicity, etc.  In the majority of cases, bullies pick people who can’t easily defend themselves and who haven’t done anything to warrant the attacks.

Studies show that bullying negatively affects victims.  Victims may have a lowered feeling of self worth and may feel unpopular, lonely, and different.  They also may act nervous, may begin feeling ill more often and may start not performing as well in their school work.

Many schools have programs to educate students about bullying and there are many excellent online materials and guidelines to help parents and concerned adults talk to children about bullying and to help find appropriate help.

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